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ExpertEase Consulting Edu is committed to helping individuals, organizations, and businesses get to the next level in professionalism, student and staff engagement, and team building. 

Nebraska CE "2-hour Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare
 "Sanitation, Infection Control"  Course
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An effective educator can make all the difference in student achievement. Educators who strike the right tone in the classroom help their students enjoy learning and that means they are most likely to obtain information and work hard to implement the information into their classroom environments.

Nebraska CE "2-hour Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare
 "Sanitation, Infection Control" Course
Payment information is below (Quick Easy Access)

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This self-led course is for you if:

  • You are active and in full participation
  • You attend with an open mind
  • You are no longer content with the norm
  • You are ready for change

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You do not want to enhance your educator skills
  • You do not want to attend and be open minded
  • You are okay with same ol' same ol'
  • You are not open to change

Ciara Gordon, An Amazing Educator

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Ciara Gordon is the CEO/President of ExpertEase Consulting Edu and ExpertEase Instructor Academy. She successfully owns and operates one of the most popular professional development and continuing education companies in the country, presenting as a keynote speaker, conducting seminars and providing educational opportunities in multiple cities and states. Gordon is the author of the state board APPROVED, The Expert Educator textbook set. The Expert Educator was written to provide educational knowledge to aspiring instructors as well as active/inactive licensed instructors.

 Ciara Gordon is a writer, activist, instructor, and curriculum developer. She has expertise in the application of research for adult education program planning, curricula, assessments, and professional development. In her roles, she works directly with adult education programs, program directors, state directors, university directors, and experts in the field of education, professional development, and communications. Ciara Gordon is a highly sought after, qualified, mature and dedicated professional with extensive cosmetology, continuing education, personal and professional development training experience. She currently holds a license as a cosmetologist and Instructor of Cosmetology, while actively pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Ciara has successfully expanded her educational repertoire to include  online (continuing education) training courses for beauty industry educators and professionals around the world, Becoming An Expert Educator, and she has recently launched a long awaited online school for aspiring beauty industry instructors for multiple states with more being added regularly, ExpertEase Instructor Academy. Ciara has been blessed to provide these services with the attributes of a solid foundation from which her administrative, management, and customer service experiences have been built.

Gordon has a proven passion for education, training, and team building. She promotes all three of these things by inspiring and encouraging individuals and teams to meet and exceed their own expectations. Ciara brings a different flavor to adult education and professional development. She enjoys the light bulb moment when participants and students “get it.”


Nebraska CE "2-hour Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare
 "Sanitation and Infection Control" Course

Payment information is below (Quick Easy Access)

Module One: Two (2) CE
Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare
"Sanitation and Infection Control"

In this course you will be prepared as instructors/salon/barber/nails/esthetics-care workers to prevent and control the spread of infection using current, evidence-based knowledge of the chain of infection, Standard Precautions and transmission-based precautions, engineering and work practice controls.

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Education At It's BEST!!!


"2-hour Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare

 "Sanitation, Infection Control" Course


  • Participants earn up to a total of 2 CEUs. 
  • The  module which contains the required 2-hours, with Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare
    "Sanitation, Infection Control".
  • Upon completion of your  module, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion or to save a copy for your records.
  • Certificates serve as proof of participation and completion for state board officials to record CEU hours for each participant. 
  • Courses are engaging and relevant to today's classroom, salons, and educator needs.
  • 1 EASY to follow module in written and audio format. 
  • Examples, extras and resources to use and immediatley implement into any classroom, office, or boardroom (XLSs, PDFs, and more)
  • Immediate  access to the course and lessons
  • Direct email access to the educator
  • A beautifully designed course that you can utilize from your desk, laptop,  iPad, or tablet

Buy  Nebraska CE 2-Hour Course NOW

A $125 value for the  Special Investment  Fee  of  $69.99

​Buy  Nebraska CE 2-Hour Course NOW

A $125 value for the  Special Investment  Fee  of  $69.99
ExpertEase Consulting  Edu makes learning  and educating  EASY and FUN!